Polling Results

Political Polling UK 12th February 2020

Conservatives’ lead down two points in February, but hold a big 15 point lead

In a month that has seen Boris Johnson assert his leadership in Parliament, the Conservatives’ lead is down by two points from January. Despite this, they still maintain a comfortable 15-point lead over Labour, holding 47% of the voting intention to Labour’s 32%.

Perceptions of the Labour candidates politics

Public perceptions of each candidate’s position on the left-right spectrum suggest the public see Starmer and Lisa Nandy as closer to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown while Rebecca Long-Bailey’s position as the continuity Corbyn candidate appears to be the main thing that has cut through about her.”

The future of the United Kingdom

Scotland’s place in the union has much more of an emotional hold on British voters than Northern Ireland’s. Almost half (45%) of the public outside of Scotland are opposed to the idea of Scotland leaving the UK and becoming independent, while a sizable proportion of those living outside of Northern Ireland are neutral on the prospect of it joining the Republic of Ireland.

Despite the terms of the Brexit deal making a united Ireland significantly more feasible and the process of Scottish independence potentially significantly more difficult, more voters believe Scotland will have left the UK within the next 50 years than believe the same about Northern Ireland.


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