Polling Results

Political Polling ? 9th May 2017

The Conservative poll lead has dropped by one point for the second week in a row, with the party now 15 points ahead of Labour.

The Conservatives are on 47% (up 1 point from last week), while Labour are on 32% (up 2 points).

UKIP remains in fourth place on 5% (dropping 2 points), with the Lib Dems in third place on 8% (down 1 point).

Both the major party leaders have seen their net approval ratings rise slightly this week: Mrs May?s ratings have risen from +13% to +15%, while Jeremy Corbyn?s have risen from -32% to -28%.

Over two in five (45%) think that Theresa May would be the best prime minister (down from 46% last week). On the other hand 19% say Jeremy Corbyn would make the best prime minister (from 18% last week).

A quarter (24%) said neither of them would be the best PM and 12% didn?t know.

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