Polling Results

Political Polling 3rd October 2019

The Conservative lead returns to 15 points

The Conservatives have regained their 15-point lead, up from 12 last week, as ground continues to shift within the Remain and Leave camps.

The Conservatives are up 2 points to 38%, while Labour has dropped 1% to 23%. It?s been a bad week for the Lib Dems, as they have dropped 5 points from 20% to 15%.

The Liberal Democrats have dropped 7 points amongst Remainers in a week, with Labour gaining 9 points and re-taking the lead: now 39% of Remainers will vote Labour vs. 30% for the Lib Dems. However, Labour has lost as many votes amongst Leavers, dropping 15% to only 8% of the Leave vote, which is what gives the Conservatives their large lead. Similarly, the Conservatives now have 60% of the Leave vote, the highest we have recorded since before the 2017 general election.


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