Polling Results

Political Polling 19th September 2019

The Conservative leads climbs to 15 points as Remain vote continues to splinter

While the Conservative vote remain steady on 37%, the Labour vote has fallen dropped 3 points to 22% as the Remain vote continues to fragment.

The Brexit Party vote continues to slowly decline as only 23% of Leavers now intend to vote for the party, compared to 49% at its peak in late May.

On the other hand, for the first time ever, we’re recording Remainers being just as likely to vote Lib Dem as Labour.†

Disapproval of opposition leaders? handling of Brexit has risen since last week

Disapproval of the opposition leaders? response to the government on Brexit, and that of the House of Commons as a whole, has continued to increase.

Jo Swinson especially has seen her disapproval rating rise, from 28% a fortnight ago to 43% this week, as her role and stance in preventing a no deal Brexit becomes more widely known by Leavers who strongly disapprove of her approach.


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