Polling Results

Political Polling 16th January 2019

Labour takes the lead as the Tories drop back two points

Approval of May?s handling of Brexit sinks to a new low

Only 24% approve of way that Theresa May has handled Brexit, while 57% disapprove. Although this is a poor rating, her ratings before Christmas were already poor (26% approving vs 54% disapproving before Christmas).

Only 12% think Theresa May?s deal is a good deal, while 50% think it is a bad deal. Of those who think it is bad 40% think Theresa May is to blame, while a further 26% blame the UK government more generally. Only a fifth (19%) blame the European Union.

There has been a shift away from no deal? for the moment

Now the deal has been defeated in the House of Commons, public support for a ?no deal? exit has dropped from 29% to 24%. But this is because those who want the Government to try and negotiate another deal has risen from 13% to 20%.

The public would probably vote to stay in, but at present they still think Government should implement Brexit

If there was a public vote between staying in the EU and taking the deal, 45% would vote to Remain while 35% would vote to leave on the terms of the deal. However, Leavers were more likely to say they don?t know how they would vote, which suggests they could shift towards the deal in the actual event making the 10-point gap closer.

That being the case, only a quarter (26%) think the Government should cancel Article 50 and decide to remain in the European Union after all. Two in five (40%) think the Government should go ahead with Brexit on the current timelines even if it means leaving with ?no deal?, while 20% think the Government should delay Brexit until we have a greater idea of what Brexit would get the most support


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