Research for PR Playbook: Thinking visually

Surveys have come a long way since the days they could only be conducted by phone. With online questionnaires, you can display multimedia prompts, such as videos or images, adding an extra dimension to your research and improving the quality of your data.

Images can be used as a stimulus, which is especially useful if you?re testing things that might not be familiar to respondents ? such as a new product or piece of technology. If you?re asking about the attractiveness of celebrities, why not include a picture of them to help jog people?s memories?

Other possibilities include asking how visual stimuli make people feel or whether they recognise an image, such as a face or a brand logo.

Things to remember:


  • A picture is worth a thousand words ? if you?re describing something in a questionnaire, have a think about how it could be expressed as an image
  • t

  • Source material ? we can suggest appropriate images to test but it?s always best if you can supply them yourself or have a clear idea of what they should be

Some examples