Research for PR: Don?t get caught out

Research for PR: Don?t get caught out

What makes some research statistics ? and their resultant headlines ? ?dubious?? There are a number of contributory factors which include:

  • Selecting research providers solely on the basis of price
  • Inadequate / incorrect sample choice for the subject being researched
  • Poor questionnaire design
  • Research agencies not being involved in checking research-based PR releases before they go out

So how do you avoid this happening?

  • Ensure that you or your PR agency uses a bona fide research agency which includes questionnaire design assistance in its omnibus/research charges
  • Consider the definition of the respondents for the research ? who should be answering the question for the best results?
  • Discuss with your research agency the themes and angles you?re hoping to generate from the research
  • Involve your research agency in interpreting the research findings ? get them to check your press releases before they go out
  • Ensure that all press releases include a statement of how and when the research was conducted
  • And finally, if you unable to answer a research question yourself, don?t ask it!