Long to reign over us

Long to reign over us

By a margin of three-to-one, UK adults think that Britain should retain the monarchy rather than become a republic.

Just over two thirds (68%) think that there is still a place for the monarchy in modern Britain, while a similar proportion (65%) thought that the monarchy benefits the UK economy.

And by definition of the royals being a family, they seem to sew the seeds of their continued success as 45% agree that Royal events (such as the birth of a new royal) increase their interest in the Royal Family.

A possible republic in the future?

Three fifths (58%) think that they will not live to see the day, if it ever comes, that Britain becomes a republic, while 14% think Britain will become a republic within their lifetime. A quarter (26%) of those aged 18-34 think that the UK will become a republic at some point in their lifetime.

Charles not the public’s favourite

Just over half (55%) said they would prefer to see Prince William as the next monarch after Elizabeth II, although 30% said they would prefer to see Charles – which was slightly higher among the 55+ age group (37%).

Long to reign over us

Opinium Research carried out an online survey of 2,007 UK adults aged 18+ from 27th to 30th March 2015. Results have been weighted to nationally representative criteria.