Continuing the Conversation: Mental Wellbeing in Market Research 2020

When we launched our mental wellbeing audit report with the MRS last year, we hoped to help fellow agencies and in-house teams implement better wellbeing practices and accelerate change in workplaces across the market research industry, so it’s great to see that this year’s results show such improvement. However, as an industry, our work is far from over. As our 2020 report shows, there are still many areas linked to mental wellbeing where businesses can do more.

We designed our Workplace Mental Wellbeing Audit to help businesses and other organisations understand the mental health of their employers and in turn take steps to help them.

This year’s study, our second since the audit’s launch, was made all the more pertinent by the outbreak of the coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown. A combination of being isolated from friends and family, a major economic downturn, and of course the threat to our physical health, create an environment that is far from conducive to good mental wellbeing.

In this year’s report we look specifically at how those working in the market research industry are coping in the context of a pandemic. Throughout the report, we also compare to last year’s results, as well as our normative database of national workers.

We hope this report gives agencies and in-house teams the insights they need to help accelerate improved mental wellbeing in their teams and collectively we can improve wellbeing in our sector.

Click the image below to read the full report: