Contactless card fraud

The research shows that a quarter (24%) of all UK adults think the cards make fraud too easy, whilst 26% say they think they are open to fraud than non-contactless payment methods.Since being introduced to the market, contactless card use has soared, with recent figures showing payments rose by more than 300 per cent in 2015 to reach £7.75 billion. Yet, many consumers are still anxious about using the technology, with one in five (19%) claiming they will never use a contactless card because they don?t think they?re secure.Several banks have also come under criticism for failing to give customers the option before issuing them with contactless cards – and Defender Note research shows 30 per cent of consumers would like to be asked before being sent one.Research conducted by Opinium in February, 2016. The research base consisted of 2,006 online interviews of UK adults over the age of 18. Results have been weighted to be nationally representative.