Changemaker Report 2018

Together with The Akin, we surveyed over 2,000 changemakers across the globe ? finding out what key trends are affecting this group of young, politically and culturally engaged consumers. The report looks at what is shaping changemakers in 2018 and the evolving landscape since the Changemaker report last year.

Rather than a list of annual predictions, our report explodes current trend myths and digs into what this powerful group of people are actually doing and feeling, and what this means for brands and businesses alike.

A Changemaker has many names: early adopter, progressive consumer, influencer, ?hipster?. They are the consumer group that drives change. If a brand gains advocacy with this group, it won?t be long until the mass market follows. They are a marketer?s achilles heel – they rapidly change and are hard to please, and falling out of favour with them can be fatal.

Our report is just the start of the process of defining this group?s attitudes and needs, and for every industry and brand it will be nuanced and slightly different. It explores the ways this group are living now, and how that will develop in the near future.

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