Britain’s bath time

Bath time might seem a curiously mundane topic to discuss, but we thought an activity which all of us do more or less everyday merited some inspection.

Some of the findings might appear obvious, but are interesting nevertheless. For example, three quarters (75%) of us most frequently wash in the shower while only 22% wash in the bath. However, older blue collar workers are twice as likely as young professionals to wash in the bath (31% vs 16% respectively), which is only one example of how various personal characteristics†? age, gender, social background ? feed into this part of our lives.

Bathing products

Bathing also has a large number of consumable goods. A large proportion of us use shower gel to clean ourselves, with 70% of UK adults using this. However, a third (35%) still use a bar of soap. Once again, drawing on habit, half (49%) of men aged 55 and over use a bar of soap, although only 23% of men aged 18 to 34 do.

Similarly, a†large proportion of us use some form of product on our hair while washing, one in ten (9%) wash their hair with both shower gel and shampoo. †Although a sizeable proportion of both men and women use shampoo (64% and 89% respectively), women are much more likely than men to use a separate conditioner on top (74% vs 17% respectively).

To look in more detail at Britain’s bathing habits†click here†for the†full data tables.