Black Friday’s environmental cost is sparking worldwide protests

Our survey, conducted on behalf of KPMG found that over a third (37%) of Brits intend to spend the same as last year or more in the Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotional sales this year compared to last, with over one in ten (17%) thinking they will spend more this year.

Half of Brits (50%) plan to shop mainly online during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotional sales, compared to only 7% who say they are planning to make the most of the deals mainly in-store.

Nearly two thirds (61%) of consumers consider the environmental impact of their purchases when shopping in Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotional sales. For just under a third (28%) they do not buy items just for the sake of it, trying to only purchase what they would normally and no more. For a quarter, (24%) they try not to purchase plastic, and 16% say that they always think about the environment in their purchases.

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