Approval for Meghan Markle doubles as nation readies for royal wedding

Opinium Research’s ‘Monarchy Tracker’ has recorded a surge in endorsement for Meghan Markle following the very public engagement to Prince Harry. The public approval of the soon-to-be Duchess rallies to 39%, almost double that recorded prior to the royal engagement announcement (19% at the beginning of November this year).

Their engagement interview, which was broadcast nationally, appears to have had a positive impact. Of those that watched all of the TV interview, over two thirds (69%) view her favourably.

Encouragingly, over half (51%) believe Meghan will have a positive impact on the Royal Family; versus just 9% who believe she will not. A similar amount (54%) see the marriage as being reflective of British society today.

So, how does Meghan and Harry’s relationship compare to the typical British one? For one they met through being set up on a blind date, when only 3% of married couples met this way. Also, the average time between dating and engagement amongst married couples in the UK is 15 months – not that different compared to Harry and Meghan, who first met in July 2016.

Furthermore, when looking at how much individuals change their lives for their other halves, 11% of married couples in the UK had one spouse move to the country of the other when they married, 10% gave up their job to marry the other and†6% converted their religion to marry the other.

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