Understanding the readers of a major publishing house post-merger

The Need

An international scientific publishing house were planning to run their first readership survey after a major merger. They required in-depth knowledge of their readers to help their marketing and research teams gain understanding of the readership of several new journals, which were unfamiliar with since the merger.

Our Approach

Opinium designed and managed the readership survey, crafting a dynamic survey that sustained the interest of participants while also allowing for compatibility with various aspects of previous readership surveys. Opinium’s main input was exploring how to transform the data of almost 20,000 responses into data that was accessible to all parts of the business.

The Outcome

Opinium’s data rich solution included the delivery of a bespoke interactive dashboard, which made large amounts of data easily accessible and usable for the whole business; it is an invaluable tool designed to assist the marketing, sales, and insight teams.

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