What we do

“Opinium offered us a direct connection with the target audience across a variety of channels. The data they were able to provide has given us valuable insight which we can now use to guide subsequent campaigns.”

Brand and Communications

We partner with brands and businesses to help them tell better stories about who they are and what they stand for. From early stage ideation to brand health monitoring, our research enables clients to determine the right things to say to the right people at the right time.

“Running a Pop-up Community with Opinium was a great way to immerse ourselves into what current and new consumers think of the brand and help us develop products relevant to them. The interactive nature of a community means that the whole team could get involved and add new questions to help us gain a robust consumer understanding of potential new flavours and names.”

Product and Service Development

We optimise products and services for launch, from ideation and conception through to validation. We ensure products and services will resonate with the people who purchase them, enabling brands to invest wisely and with confidence.

Thought Leadership

We help brands, agencies, charities, and academic institutions inform and shape public conversations. From the serious to the lighthearted, our research brings the views of the public to bear on major debates. We work closely with clients to develop trustworthy and headline-grabbing research.

Stakeholder Understanding

We help clients identify and understand the people who matter most to them, from customers to employees. Our research allows companies and organisations to stay on the pulse of key audiences and strengthen and enhance their connection with them.

  • EU Barometer

    Reaching 3,000 EU citizens from across the continent, covering 24 markets and 22 languages

  • UK Consumer

    Hear views of 2,000 UK consumers quickly and cost-efficiently

  • US Consumer Omnibus

    Hear views of 2,000 US consumers quickly and cost-efficiently

  • Chef Omnibus

    Speak to B2B foodservice decision makers with Opinium’s community of chefs and operators