Most Connected Brands US 2020

It has been a year like no other. For brands, businesses and consumers alike, priorities have shifted, behaviours altered, and emotions tested.

Yet as we have grown ever more physically distant, the need for meaningful connection has grown.

Opinium’s Most Connected Brands US is the only study that measures the strength of brand relationships based on the views of the public, rather than a hidden algorithm or a panel of industry experts. Consumers are, after all, the people who can make or break a brand by forming lifelong connections or undergoing regrettable one-time experiences never to be repeated.

Over the last few months, we have spoken to 6,100 people, collated 9,000 spontaneous brand mentions and facilitated 48,000 brand reviews to offer a robust and scientific way to unpick the intangible alchemy of brand connection.

Regardless of your sector and whether your brand has made the Top 100, we hope that in this time of great uncertainty this report will provide you with the inspiration, ideas and motivation to create, build and grow the connections that matter to you.

Download the full report here: