The Amsterdam Menstruates Study

Concerned about the growing problem of period poverty, non-profit Neighborhood Feminists and insights agency Opinium conducted the first-ever quantitative research on period poverty in Amsterdam (15/09/2022-19/10/2022). 1,332 people who menstruate and live in Amsterdam took part, with conclusions analysed from 870 respondents.

Some key findings from the study:

Period poverty is widespread across Amsterdam, with increased cost-of-living worsening the problem. Over the last year, 27% of people who menstruate have been unable to afford to pay for period products at some point. 38% say they managed to pay but found it difficult to do so.

89% of people struggling to or unable to afford period products in the last 12 months had to take alternative measures to be able to buy essential menstrual products, of these: 38% had to cut back their spending on groceries, 27% cut back spending on household products, 22% cut back on health products, while 11% cut back on school supplies.

Over 3 in 5 (63%) of the people who could not afford, struggled to afford, or struggled to access period products have had to resort to alternatives to their usual period products. Of these, half (50%) resorted to using toilet paper. Among those aged 12-17, the rate jumps to 70%.

Difficulty affording and accessing period products negatively impacts day-to-day life for many: 7 in 10 of those struggling with this had to alter their day-to-day routines – having to stay home, missing school or work.

Regardless of income, products related to periods continue to carry a social stigma, with over two in five experiencing negative emotions when they try to get the products they need.

So how do we address this matter of equality, dignity and public health? Click on the pdf below to dive into our full report, for a closer look at the data and our recommendations for the next, necessary steps. We have also prepared a brief downloadable 2-pager with all essential highlights.

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Amsterdam Menstruates 2022 Research Report (EN)

Amsterdam Menstruates 2022 Research Report (NL)

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2-pager Amsterdam Menstruates (EN)

2-pager Amsterdam Menstruates (NL)