Tracking customer satisfaction of financial products

The Need

Fairer Finance are a ratings agency for financial providers and aim to help consumers make informed decisions over who they choose to provide them with financial services such as current accounts, credit cards, insurance and mortgages.

Research is at the heart of the ratings to understand consumer perception towards their current provider.

Our Approach

Every 6 months, Opinium conducts an online survey of 10,000 household decision makers to measure their attitude towards their current financial providers. The survey covers over 1,000 providers across 9 financial categories to give a detailed understanding of the whole sector. Measures include satisfaction, trust and recommendation as well as their digital capabilities and ease of understanding documents.

The Outcome

Our research contributes towards an overall score for each financial provider which are released as a series of league tables. Scores are published every 6 months for each category, providing consumers with a clear and easy way of monitoring the best providers available to them.

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