Most Connected Brands 2018

Not just another brand index

Why launch another brand index? This is probably the question we’ve been asked more than any other over the last few months. And, from an outside perspective, we can understand why. There are a proliferation of indices already available to marketeers, brand owners and communications professionals.

But despite differing methodologies, markets and presentations, we noticed that they all had one thing in common. All of these indices ranked the performance of brands using a black-box analysis that was defined by experts working in the industry. None of them simply asked the people that have the power to build, define and sometimes destroy the brands and businesses marketeers create: the consumers themselves.

The Most Connected Brands Index was born out of this idea. That we would create an index based on what consumers think, feel and do. 6,000 consumers, 11,000 spontaneous brand mentions and 48,000 brand reviews, all fed through our analytical framework.

No black box solutions.

Just the brands that consumers connect with each and every day. Whether you read this report from cover to cover, or simply flick through the pages until something catches your eye, we hope it inspires, excites and interests you to hear from the people who make brands what they are.

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