Brand marketing in a crisis: How to give consumers a very merry Christmas

‘Twas 5 months before Christmas…

Christmas. It’s a word that strikes fear and joy into the hearts of marketeers and brand managers in equal measure. And perhaps never more so than this year.

The continuing uncertainty of the pandemic and the potential economic downturn has meant that over half of all UK consumers feel apprehensive (53%) and anxious (55%) about the future. Whilst disposable incomes have, overall, started to rise in recent weeks, deliberation over purchasing continues to increase with 60% (+7%) claiming that 16 weeks into lockdown they are taking more time to consider where they spend their hard-earned cash.

So what does this mean for Christmas?

Christmas is set to be as online and local as possible, with more importance and anxiety than usual. And with the fear of recession looming on the horizon it’s unsurprising that consumers want to see communications which feature discounts and offers above anything else. 

There is also an understanding that brands can’t simply ignore the past 16 weeks. Just under half (48%) would prefer to see content that focuses on Christmas but acknowledges Coronavirus and nearly a quarter (24%) of all consumers want communications to remember those impacted by the pandemic.

A final thought…

People across the UK have undergone huge changes to the way they interact with each other and brands, yet over the course of our research we’ve found consumers to be resilient and resourceful. As the current recession and economic impact, let alone a potential return to lockdown, begin to bite, it is now the turn for organisations and companies to also show resolve and innovation – especially at Christmas.

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