The Opinium Workplace Mental Wellbeing Audit

You all know we need to talk about mental wellbeing at work!

We?ve all heard the statistics such as ?1 in 4 people have mental health problems?, but the fact is that we all have mental wellbeing. With the workplace being somewhere many of us spend most of our time, it?s important that employers step up and help support their employees.

So we?ve launched our Workplace Mental Wellbeing Audit with support from Warwick University. Opinium are partnering with The Drum, PRCA, The MRS, CIPR and WiPR to conduct the largest ever mental wellbeing survey of the Marcoms landscape. We?ll compare the results to our national benchmarks and hopefully help agencies and businesses to drive change.

It?s time to get employee mental wellbeing on the agenda.

†The survey will cover the following topics:


  • Experience of mental health problems
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  • Current Wellbeing
  • t

  • Causes of stress at work
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  • Absence due to mental health
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  • Openness and support at work
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  • Employer actions and procedures for improving employee mental health
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  • Importance of employee mental health to employers

We also use a clinical scale called the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS) developed by psychologists at Warwick University, Edinburgh and with support from NHS England, to assess the mental wellbeing of employees and managers. This scale gives a score for mental well-being which can then be used to benchmark well-being levels against the rest of that population, with regards to someone having above or below average mental wellbeing.

Read the full report by clicking the image below.

If you’d like any more information or are interested in finding out about running a bespoke workplace mental wellbeing audit for your organisation, then please do get in touch with us by emailing